National Tempura Day

Today is National Tempura Day! Got a tempura dipping sauce recipe or need one developed for you? We've got your back. 🍤

2019 Food Industry Trends

Our research & development team helps restaurants, grocery stores, and other food distributors create products that stay up to date with trends in the industry. Do any of your products need an update? 🤔

Your Special Sauce

Your sauce is iconic; it's an essential part of your cooking, and your customers can't get enough of it. Let us help you take the next step and turn into a branded line of sauces! 🔥

CoPacking Consultations

Got questions about co-packing with WN Foods? Contact us for a consultation and free samples. 🌶️

WN Foods' 77th Year

This year, WN Foods is 77 years old! Let's take a moment to remember our history and the people who helped us get here. 😊

CoPacking Packaging

Whether you need squeeze bottles, pails, or portion packs, WN Foods can co-pack your product in the packaging you need!

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